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Recently, I took part in a two-day refactoring conference, NCA Conference. The name speaks for itself: never code alone events are collaborative workshops where a shared wireless keyboard is passed around to code together.

Never Code Alone: An Awesome Live Coding Event

I used to enjoy the meetup scene when it used to be all about meeting actual people in real life and exchange some thoughts and practical tips with fellow developers in hallway talks having a Feierabendbier drink together after the official talk, even more so as a freelancer or working from home for a small team missing out on random encounters at the corporate coffee machine or watercooler. Now, since the pandemic, in-person events have become rare occasions in the dev community.

Sometimes it’s the small things that matter. A seemingly unimportant detail might turn out to be the key takeaway in retrospect.

Some sketchy notes to follow-up

As live coding sessions are all about collaboration and communication, I tried not to take too many notes during a session, and as I still find it challenging to store a large amount of new information in my brain quickly, I try to take some extra (not) boring and (not) idle time to take notes in retrospect.