Charles Bridge / Karlsbrücke / Karluv most, Prague / Prag / Praha, 2024

I feel proud of my home, Europe. But I also feel disappointed, angry, and ashamed after the right wing European election turnout. Charles bridge was built in the middle aged, like Prague ‘s university. Not far from the art academy, this bridge still connects people who walk and mingle peacefully. But will we still build bridges in the future when so-called patriots turn people against each other in the name of freedom? Europe has started many wars, colonialization, corruption and destruction. Is Europe bound to return to the middle ages when we stop caring about solidarity, science, justice, and our environment?

Coincidentally happening at the same time: ARTSEMESTR exhibitions at UMPRUM, Prague’s Academy for Art, Architecture and Design featuring art, fashion and design, often focused on topics causing anger, fear, and other negative emotions. Sometimes tragical, sometimes cynical or funny, on display in front of the scenic view of the Hradčany castle and Vlatava river, sometimes striking like the meme posters about raising the tuition fees right before the semester starts, when you find out the intranet is in Czech only, or when they ask you how your work is related to fine arts. The shipwreck looks like another sad symbol, lying on a pink floor in a room that is also dedicated to femininity and gender justice. It is hard to cover a house full of art even in a yearbook or in a documentary film, but it is impossible in a blog post. All that I can say: it has been great and inspiring, so go and travel while you can. There is so much still to be discovered!

Shipwreck / critical infrastructure poster

Memes: me when they raise the tuition fee right before the semester starts, when I find out the intranet is in Czech only, they ask me how my work is related to fine arts.