Inspired by Michelle Bucher, my first guest author in this blog, I invite you to discover other blogs that I have been collaborating with. I also want to invite bloggers to collaborate with me. If you have never written a guest article, the tips below might be handy.

Mailbox: "only love letters"

“Only Love Letters”: Writing tips for guest articles

Before you start writing, it can’t hurt to read existing articles and let them inspire you, find similarities and get a feeling for their structure, length and tone of voice. Find out or discuss who the target audience is, what successful keywords are, and how subtle self-promotion is possible and common. You can feature yourself at the end of your article: who are you, what do you do, and how can I contact you? That would be the only place to link to your services if in doubt.

Linking: it’s the mixture

In addition, link to at most one of your own blog posts and at least one of the host’s. Additional links to well-known reputable sources such as Wikipedia can increase credibility and prevent readers or search engines from perceiving the article as advertising because of the reciprocal links. This is another reason why entire paragraphs should not be written verbatim elsewhere.

Finding instead of inventing: ChatGPT Netiquette

If you use generative AI, e.g. ChatGPT, don’t adopt the result verbatim and without questioning. Rewrite it using your own words, research supposed sources, and replace invented claims with suitable real facts that you can often find quickly using a search engine.

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