This is a work-in-progress post about freelancing in Germany, based on my experience as a freelance web developer, adding aspects I learned from coworkers who are neither German citizens nor fluent in speaking the German language, both making it much harder than I would have thought. I shall also mention Sooraj Chandran who has already gathered a lot of information for IT professionals planning to migrate to European countries (including Germany, but also the Netherlands and other alternatives that might be easier to start with) here: Move to Europe: Compilations of resources to relocate to Europe with a tech job.

Here is my original German article, also still a draft, but with much more information and links already:
Selbstständig als Freelancer:in in Deutschland? Linksammlung Selbstständigkeit / Freelance also Developer:in in Deutschland.

Side note: why choose Germany at all? Despite many con’s, apart from the language, bureaucracy, and racism, the weather could be better and so could our technological infrastructure. On the positive side, Germany is located in the centre of northern Europe, there are many open-minded people in Germany, especially in larger cities like Berlin or Cologne. There is a high living standard and despite the unemployment, there is still a shortage of skilled labour, so if you are willing and able to work in information science/computing or nursing service you will have a good chance to get a good job.